Make Sure You Have Adequate Cover While Travelling

Travel insurance is a great value for anyone who loves travelling on holiday. You can obtain comprehensive cover at a price that is not only affordable but also offers peace of mind. You can purchase a plan from about £15.00 per night for seven nights or around £50.00 for an annual multi-trip. It is a good idea to take out the cover, especially if you like to fly internationally. Usually, a typical plan will enable you to cover such costs as the following:

travelling on holiday

  • Up to £2,000 for personal luggage
  • Up to £2,000,000 for personal liability
  • Up to £5,000 for trip cancellation, curtailment and interruption
  • Cruise cover

Summer Sports Cover

In some instances, you can obtain cruise cover at no additional charge – as is seen on If you are involved in extreme sports activities when you travel you can choose from various cover alternatives. For example, holiday-goers can choose protection for such favourite sports as:

Summer Sports Cover

  • Snorkelling;
  • Water-skiing;
  • Bicycling;
  • Golf;
  • Fishing; and
  • Horseback riding.

Children Under Two – Insured at No Extra Cost

In some cases, if you have toddlers, or children who are under two years of age, they can also be insured at no extra cost when they are travelling with an adult that is insured under a travel plan.

Winter Sports Cover

While the above-mentioned sports mainly cover summertime activities, travel insurance plans cover primarily winter activities too. You can obtain this cover for around £15.00 for a 7-day period. While skiing and snowboarding are usually the main sports covered, you can also get protection for off-piste skiing, as long as the skiing activity is located within the area’s ski patrol guidelines. Snow sledging is covered under winter sports plans as well.

The winter sports policy also provides cover for equipment that is lost, damaged or stolen, whether it is owned or hired. The cover even extends to the theft or loss of a ski pass. The winter sports policy is unique as it typically also provides cover for a piste closure, landslides or avalanches.

Cover for Medical Expenses

A medical sports cover includes medical emergency and repatriation, generally in an amount up to £10,000,000, as well as cancellation, curtailment and trip interruption in an amount up to £5,000 and personal possessions cover in an amount up to £2000.

Choosing Winter Cover under a Multi-trip Policy

If you choose to include an upgrade for winter sports on your multi-trip annual policy, then you will receive cover for one sports trip during your cover period. Therefore, you will need to read the policy to check on the maximum length of time you can receive protection during the trip.

Winter Cover Multitrip Policy

Most winter sports plans have an age limit as to their ownership and are only available to travellers who are under 65 years of age. Therefore, if you are younger and enjoy taking part in a host of winter type activities, you owe it to yourself to take out this unique cover when you are planning a trip and arranging insurance protection.

Cover for Timeshare Trips

You can also obtain timeshare cover if you currently own a timeshare property. You can choose from a single trip or annual multi-trip policies. A trip cancellation that takes place during a time share holiday usually provides the insured with 12% of the original price of the timeshare purchase. The management costs are refunded at a pro-rata rate, depending on a number of points or weeks lost. Exchange fees are also refunded.

Timeshare Trips

Curtailment costs are refunded for the same percentage as a trip cancellation – 12% of the original price of purchase. Again, the management fees are included in the refund as well and are based on a pro-rata proportion, based, again, on the points or weeks lost and exchange fees. Because many people like to travel to a timeshare during their holiday, it is imperative that they insure the amount they spend to make this kind of travel possible.

Give Yourself Some Peace of Mind While Travelling

After all, it would be disappointing to plan for a timeshare vacation, only to have to cancel the trip after you have been paying on the real estate during the remainder of the year. Don’t leave anything to chance, especially when you planning or taking a holiday. Make sure you always purchase enough cover so you can enjoy your holiday travel time just that much more.

Mind While Travelling

Because travel insurance is so affordable, it just makes sense to include its purchase in your pre-travel itinerary. You can go online and scrutinise the various kinds of insurance policies and protection. Think about what you want to pursue during your trip.

Will you be going on holiday during the winter season or summer? Also, make sure you don’t confuse the seasonal timetable, especially if you plan a trip down under. If you travel from the UK to Australia or New Zealand, the seasons are turned around. Therefore, December is a warm and temperate time of year in the southern hemisphere while it is downright chilly in the north.

If you really like to participate in sports during your holiday, then you definitely need to be insured. While you may not think golf is necessarily a particularly hazardous sport, you could still be hit by a golf ball. Even fishing can carry some risks, particularly if your boat becomes inoperable or your plans become waylaid by a storm. Therefore, you cannot take it for granted that you do not need sports travel insurance for sports that are more passive. Make sure you are covered for all the planned activities.

sports during holiday

When you are selecting a policy, see what is standard in the insurance plan. You want to make sure that the policy is all-inclusive. For example, besides covering your sports activities, it should offer standard cancellation and curtailment protection and cover for trip interruption as well. The amount for a medical emergency and repatriation cover should be set, as noted above, at around £10,000,000. If you are over 65 years of age, you can even find travel insurance protection that will accommodate your travel needs for your age range as well.