New Car Safety Technology

As technology advances in all fields, also as far as the car and vehicle industry is concerned, there is a definite need and awareness to look at important aspects of car safety. The aim is to reduce the number of fatalities to an absolute minimum, and even to avoid accidents altogether.

technology advances fields

Safety used to refer to the wearing of seatbelts only a few decades ago; not so today – many features are now considered important, and some even essential. Today’s safety technology includes various new developments such as sensors and cameras that warn you of risks relating to preventing accidents and reducing the possibility of serious injury, some of which we will cover here.

A number of warning systems to help the driver stay alert and warn him/her that he/she is about to drive into an object, includes back-up cameras which may be paired with a sensor that audibly warns the driver. According to statistics the chances of a back-over crash are reduced by at least 46% if your car is fitted with one of these.

Technology warning systems

Although air bags have been around for many years, the most recent addition to the standard front ones, are found in the car’s side panels, and currently even the cheapest new cars are sold with them. Without a doubt, they are one of the great additions to the safety aspects of our vehicles.

To assist with detecting the blind spot another new device is a lane departure warning. It warns the driver not to change lanes as the danger of collision is very high, either behind or alongside him, as is a forward collision-warning sensor (FCW). Another new device is the electronic stability control (ESC), which helps keep the car on the road when the driver has lost control – great new technology, which in fact is compulsory for all new cars in the US. How about an automatic crash notification (ACN) to warn emergency personnel when you’re involved in a crash? Or finally, adaptive cruise control, another addition to the world of computer-assisted technology for cars.

electronic stability control

Tyre maintenance is extremely important when one considers the number of people who die in crashes due to tyre aging and poor maintenance. Today more and more attention is being paid to tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) and the so-called run flat tyre technology that allows a driver to drive on at a reduced speed upon deflation when punctured.

Technology in terms of car safety has come a long way in recent years and will hopefully improve even further in the near future in order to achieve the aim of reducing accidents and ultimately saving more lives. If you’re a safety conscious individual and are looking at upgrading to one of the latest models, make sure to visit The Car Buying Group when it’s time to sell your current car.

New Car Safety Technology