Spyder Riding – Learn the Art to Enjoy It More

Three wheeled Spyder provides an outstanding controlled slide in wet or muddy terrain. In every condition, including wet, Spyder is stable and does not scare you during back slides. Driving on wet twisty mountains needs extra precaution because you never know about the road condition like the next sharp bend.

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The starter button, twist grip throttle, horn, light and blinkers are common 2-wheeled motorcycle controls found in Spyder. The other operating features and ways are different or new.


The start-up process is a little different. Therefore read the safety card before you start. Actually, it reminds riders that you are riding something different. Press firmly the M/Mode button on left handle bar. Right foot needs to be placed on the break and hit starter button. A V-Twin motor will get activated.


Spyder is not equipped with brake lever on right handle bar but has foot brake. Foot brake is linked with ABS to all three wheels for better control. If you desire to stop place your foot down on the brake.


There is no clutch or gear lever in a Spyder but a plus (+) button needs to be pressed with left thumb for UP changes and with left forefinger press minus (-) button for DOWN changes.

V-Twin engine has good torque level, so changing is comparatively infrequent. There are 5 gears to select. Spyder does not respond to change UP, if speed and revs are insufficient.


Reversing is very helpful but be careful because the ratio is short and little throttle is sufficient. Steering is direct, but watch for more width in front.

Riding technique

  • Grip, elbows and shoulders need to be relaxed because Spyder is extremely responsive. Any undue input from tense action will impact your grip and wheels.
  • Sit forward and comfortably in the seat. Weight needs to be placed in the front.
  • Never allow passengers, if you are new and less confident.
  • Lean onto the seat corner and get your helmet outside the mirror and apply power just before you reach the corner apex.

  • It allows you to push this heavy bike around and interior front wheel on the road. When applying throttle just lean forward, it is a natural response.
  • Placing trust on electronics is the hard part, but you will soon get used to its helpful input.

Practice a lot to enjoy and have fun in your Spyder.