Tips for buying used car

Below are some tips for buying used vehicle. Buy from a professional can cost you actually slightly more expensive “in the beginning”, but the car will be guaranteed for a minimum of three months, which is reassuring. In the particular these guarantees do not exist, but sales prices are generally much more attractive. Recall that the mechanical costs are expensive (parts and labor). Beware of surprises after purchase.

Analyze the market

You have found the car of your dreams? Caution, do not rush. Check the side of the vehicle and do not hesitate to look at the sale price of the same model on other ads. Raise the sales price, year vehicles, finishes and options as well as mileage. The general condition of the car is also taken into account.

The mandatory questions to ask before buying

At the first exchange by email or phone with the seller, it is imperative to ask some questions.

-Are you the owner of the vehicle? (It will verify the identity of the seller for vehicle registration and identity card)

-Technical Supervision in there less than 6 months?

-You have the vehicle’s maintenance booklet?

-How owner has had this car?

-He has the vehicle been damaged?

-Why are you selling the vehicle?

-What are the latest recent charges made?

-What are the costs involved?

-The entire equipment is it functional?

-The price of the vehicle is it negotiable?

Examine the vehicle

When you go “physical” with the seller, take your time to examine the vehicle in every corner.

Avoid night making appointments or in a remote location, so you can be together is even better.


After an overall view of the vehicle, observe the state of the body, tires, lights and lamps, mirrors, antenna and the vehicle roof. Also check for the spare wheel as well as you can try the seller like UsaRim offers Escalade wheels for your vehicle.

The interior

Start the vehicle; listen to the possibly suspicious noises. Try all the electrical and mechanical equipment: mirrors, wipers, windows, the seat adjustment (driver and passenger), audio system, lighting (headlights, taillights, turn signals, fog …), air conditioning, various witnesses and the light cover open zipper.

Also check the general condition of plastics, seats, sky you, the rear deck, …


Coming out of the vehicle, open the hood, engine running, listen carefully its noise. Look at the different garage maintenance labels (belt, emptying, water pump,). Feel free to look directly under the car engine to detect possible leakage (oil, fuel, brake fluid,). Check the condition of the battery.

During this long period of examination, do not hesitate to ask more specific questions and more technical to the seller (maintenance, new parts, use,)

Test the vehicle

Once fixed, now that feels that you will buy this car, you will have to pass the test the vehicle on the road.

Drive yourself the vehicle for several kilometers on different type of road (motorway, highway). Feel free to play with the gearbox (reverse gear included) and slipping the clutch wisely. Finally do some brake testing, ensuring that the vehicle will not withdraw.

If you feel any reluctance from the seller to let you try the car or provide the requested information, it is best to forget about buying the latter.

Documents to recover

The owner must complete the certificate of transfer (in triplicate), but also give you a certification administrative situation including attestation of pledge and of no objection. The certificate of guarantee for non particular to detect a stolen vehicle.

The technical control must be less than six months.

Before signing check the accuracy of the writings and correspondence: make, model and vehicle registration.

Ensure the vehicle

Upon signing of the deed of purchase. Contact your insurance to insure the vehicle. You will then have one month to validate your new car registration in the prefecture.

The final transaction

In a professional, you will be perfectly guided through the payment process. However, through some special precautions are taken. Most will ask you a payment by bank check (a check provided by the bank which ensures that you can afford to spend the amount shown). If some prefer cash payment, be sure that the payment threshold is 3000. The deposit that amount in a bank must also be justified.